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Gusties at the American Chemical Society meeting

Last week, I spent several days at the American Chemical Society national meeting in San Francisco with current senior Alysha Dicke. This conference is very large–  more than 17,000 attendees were there giving more than 12,000 presentations, so it’s an amazing place to learn about a lot of chemical research. Alysha has been working in […]

The Oregon II draws closer to shore

Here’s another post from biology professor Joel Carlin, aboard the NOAA research vessel Oregon II. He’s there with Kat Coughlin (’09) volunteering to help with a marine species research cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. 7/1/2009: Hello, Kat Coughlin and I are still aboard the R/V Oregon II, and slowly making our way back to […]

Aboard the Oregon II

Currently, Biology Professor Joel Carlin is  aboard a NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) research ship with recent Gustavus grad Kat Coughlin. NOAA often relies upon research volunteers like Joel and Kat to help inventory marine species. The volunteers spend 12-hour shifts in a lab sorting and counting species that are caught by large trawls that […]