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Summer Salon #2: Vietnam and forgiveness in politics

Mimi Gerstbauer (Political Science) sends the following invitation:    It’s time for Summer Salon #2, celebrating the research collaboration between students and faculty happening on campus this summer….. As Martin Lang said in the invitation to the first salon – this is for anyone who likes to talk about smart stuff even if you don’t know […]

Summer Salon #1: The Future of Food

Martin Lang (communication studies) sends along the following invitation: Fellow scholars, researchers, and people who like to talk about smart stuff even if you don’t know a lot about it: Please join Ethan Marxhausen and me, Martin Lang (as well as perennial hostess Brandy Russell) for the first Summer Salon: Monday, July 13 3:30 Phi […]

Faculty/Student Summer Research at Gustavus

The Excellence story about summer research on the front page of the Gustavus web site reminded me that I’ve been meaning to write a post about our summer research community on campus. This summer we have 34 students working with 21 faculty members on Gustavus-based research projects.  By my count, nine different departments (biology, chemistry, […]

The Oregon II draws closer to shore

Here’s another post from biology professor Joel Carlin, aboard the NOAA research vessel Oregon II. He’s there with Kat Coughlin (’09) volunteering to help with a marine species research cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. 7/1/2009: Hello, Kat Coughlin and I are still aboard the R/V Oregon II, and slowly making our way back to […]