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Another Gustie reports from the Oregon II

Here is another blog post I got via email — this time from Kat Coughlin, 2009 graduate of the biology department. She has sent a great description of her job and life as a volunteer aboard a NOAA research cruise. Once again, I’ve added some links to images in case you want to see some […]

Aboard the Oregon II

Currently, Biology Professor Joel Carlin is  aboard a NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) research ship with recent Gustavus grad Kat Coughlin. NOAA often relies upon research volunteers like Joel and Kat to help inventory marine species. The volunteers spend 12-hour shifts in a lab sorting and counting species that are caught by large trawls that […]

A smattering of spring news items

Here are some recent news items related to student research at Gustavus. I’m sure I won’t post everything but since I’ve started this blog at a relatively quiet time of year (just after semester ends, but before the summer research gets its full momentum), I thought I’d pull a few of the news stories I […]

The Celebration of Creative Inquiry – 2009

One of my favorite campus events of the year is the Celebration of Creative Inquiry. It’s been among the most fun and rewarding parts of my job to head up the planning for this event. Right now on the Gustavus homepage there is a story about this year’s event. The story and the embedded video […]

Student Research at Gustavus Adolphus College

Hi there! I’m starting this blog to share news, events, and stories about student research at Gustavus Adolphus College. Many of our students are actively involved in research– in their classes, in collaborative projects with faculty, in independent projects, while studying abroad, during internships, and more. I plan to post links to campus news stories […]